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We Transform Small Businesses

Into Sellable Corporations & LLC's

About DoCorporate

Imagine transforming your small business into a highly desirable asset…

One that’s not only more valuable in the marketplace, but also offers the potential for a lucrative sale.

We combine personalization, customization and automation to grow small businesses that no longer rely upon the owner to be successful.

This increases the business’ value and transforms it into a sellable corporation or llc that can be run by a new management team because the business isn’t identified with single owner. 

By making your business less dependent on you, you create financial stability for the business and your family, open doors to new financing opportunities and ensure that you’re prepared for an emergency or period of economic uncertainty.

Founded in 2009 by Eric Herman, DoCorporate has been dedicated to supporting a diverse network of small business owners in fields like retail, restaurants, home services, finance, real estate, healthcare, and technology.


Our Story

I’ve been online since 1998. I started by building industry specific online directories. The first one was a Manhattan based real estate directory. In 2005 I got into the payments business, pioneering remote check deposit for financial institutions. This ultimately lead to eCommerce opportunities as high speed internet and smart phones began to flourish.

I founded “DoCorporate” as our primary “Do” brand in 2010 and “DoProcessing” as our first small business support service to assist our payment processing customers. We specialized in helping them navigate the emerging digital and mobile landscape. Our original slogan was…”you do business, we’ll do your processing”.  

Over the years we’ve helped our customer base manage their ever-changing online presence, online reviews, website design, hosting, search engine optimization and Google Business Profiles.

Having helped thousands of business owners and executives over the years, we came to realize that the only true way to stand apart in any given industry was to build a professional brand that coincides with the business brand.

Customer Monetization Method

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Frequently Asked Questions

What we do. We help small-to-medium size businesses generate more predictable repeat business and customers, clients and patients on demand.

How we do it. We combine customization, personalization and automation to accomplish this.

We offer 3 versions of our proprietary “Customer Monetization Method”. You can find our pricing for each: Customer Monetization Core Method
Customer Monetization Plus Method
Customer Monetization Plus Social Method
In addition, we we provide a number of stand alone services. Each service and package is detailed on its own page with the price for each service or package clearly detailed.
Discover our stand alone services.

Our Customer Monetization Method is a month-to-month service with no contract. Most of our stand alone services are also offered on a month-to-month basis. There’s a dedicated page for each service that includes that service’s pricing and terms.

If you need to cancel any service for any reason simply send an email to and we’ll accommodate your request within 24 hours.

Our services are customized or custom built for each customer as such we’re not able to offer free trials.

Our Customer Monetization Method is guaranteed during the frist 30 days. We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Each of our stand alone services is different and our guarantee policy for each service is clearly detailed.

Most of our services come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Each service details the refund policy.

To reach us with any questions about the Customer Monetization Method or any of our other services, you can call 866.723.2522 or reach us by email at

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