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How Small Business Owners Generate 15-20 New Customers a Month Through a

Black Card Membership Program

a powerful way we've used to grow our own businesses and the businesses we work with

How Small Business Owners Generate 15-20 New Customers a Month Through a

Black Card Membership Program

a powerful way we've used to grow our own businesses and the businesses we work with

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What Is A Black Card Membership Program?

It’s a simple, but extremely powerful marketing system that works because it plays on people’s need to feel protected “in case of an emergency” or their need to “feel special”. This technique works for the same reason that people pay for health insurance month after month. It works for the same reason people buy luxury items and join country clubs. 

Why will people sign up?

Your customers will sign up to know they’re protected and covered if they ever need your service or to get special access to privileges you don’t make available to everyone else. 

The best part?

This is extremely easy and affordable to set up and it starts working almost immediately. 

What We're Building...

Everyone understands the need to prepare for an emergency situation. People also look for special treatment from the businesses they frequent and places they spend money.

By creating our “Black Card Membership” program in your business, you’re going to give people special access to you “after hours” or to things you don’t make available to the general public.

The idea is to give people an “Insider Membership” to join that relates to their status within your organization.

Everyone likes to feel like they’re on “the inside” or have an “unfair advantage”

Your Black Card Membership Program gives them that.

The benefit to your business

The benefit to your business is that you instantly start building up a list of customers, clients or patients you now have an excuse to contact. It creates an opportunity to speak to them on the phone or connect with them through email and sms text. This increases opportunities to ask them questions that get them to become more comfortable with your business and increase sales opportunities along the way,

This leads them to spend money faster than they normally would. This email and sms list that you’re building with “the card” as bait can also be marketed to anytime to drum up new business.

Follow the steps below to set up your own “Black Card Membership” program and you’ll start seeing an extra bump in your monthly new business and income.

6 Steps To A Successful Black Card Membership Program

Your Company Optin

Step 1:

Set up your sign up (optin) page.

This is the page that you’re going to build to collect leads. People will sign up here to get access to you during times of “Emergency” in their lives or to get “special access”.


Step 2:

Set up a follow up message that goes out right after they optin.

This is an email and text message that we send to let them know that you got their information and that you’ll contact them soon for a little more info to complete their signup (these are automated messages).
Follow Up Message
Alert Notification

Step 3:

Set up an alert that sends their name and phone number to your business.

This is an email and text message that is sent directly to your business when they sign up for the Black Card Membership program. Once you get this information, you’ll use it to contact them to complete their signup.

We’ll cover exactly what you need to say on that call in the next step.

Step 4:

Call the customer, client or patient to touch base and complete their signup.

When we call the customer, client or patient that just signed up (using the info we got in the alert in step 3) we know that they are interested in our services for themselves or their family. We call to get their address so we can send them their Black Card and we also use this as an opportunity to ask them why they signed up and ask if they have any questions for the “EXPERT” in our business (you).

This gets them comfortable with our office and gets us more on their radar (with our excuse for calling being that we needed their address to send the card they requested).

Step 4 Your Company
Send Black Card

Step 5:

Send them their "Black Card" in the mail with a brief explanation on how to use it.

This is an inexpensive thing to mail but it locks potential business in and gets them to carry a “mini billboard” for your business with them at all times (and in all likelihood, they’ve never seen anything like this from any other small business or professional).

Step 6:

Once a week, we're going to send out email updates and tips to our Black Card Membership list.

This weekly email keeps your practice top of mind and keeps all of the Black Card Members thinking about your business. This email drives weekly business in every business we implement this in (new customers, client and patients and reminding existing ones call, come back more often and to refer business).

weekly updates

How do we get the Black Card Signup in front of people?

You’ll be surprised how fast people start sharing this with their friends and family once it gets out there. All you need to do is leverage your existing customer, client and patient interactions. It’s a highly viral marketing program because people want to be their friend’s “inside person”. Just doing one of the suggestions below is enough to start the viral spread of your “Black Card Membership” Program.

Office Waiting Room

Office Waiting Room

Start by putting up a sign in your waiting room with QR code that links to the signup page (Step 1).

Business Card Invitations

Business Card Invitations

Start by having employees hand customers a business card-size invitation and offering them membership.

Instagram Black Card Invite

Social Media Posts

Make a few posts about it on social media.

Need Help Setting up the System?

We'll set it up for you!

We’d be glad to help you get all of the web pages, email and SMS lists, and print outs done so that you don’t have to worry about the set up or technical aspects of the system. All you have to do is use it and start seeing instant growth in your business. Schedule a call and we can talk about setting this up for your business now or click the “Get Started Now” button below.

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