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Content Creation and Marketing

What Is Content Creation and Marketing?

Our proprietary, content creation and marketing service provides business owners with unique, service or product specific content for use on a variety of different platforms. 

There’s unprecedented opportunity for professionals, practitioners, home service contractors and small business owners to affordably reach their most desirable customers, clients and patients across multiple channels, immediately and simultaneously through content creation and marketing

Targeted buyersOur approach is to content creation and marketing is to write content based upon how your specific products and services solves your prospects problem, then create marketing materials to reach these people where they’re most likely to engage with it.

Multiple forms content such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, slide presentations, eMagazines and eNewsletters reach potential customers on the platform they prefer.

Content creation and marketing positions your business in front of potential customers where they are, in the format they prefer (written, video, graphical or audio).

Why Do I Need Digital Content Creation and Marketing?

To Reach Buyers At Different Stages Of The Buyer Journey.

By creating product or service specific content for different channels, your business can engage with customers at different points in their buyer journey and keep them interested and engaged over time.

Stage 1: Awareness. The first stage of the buyer journey is awareness. At this stage the buyer first becomes aware of a problem or need they have and begin searching for potential solutions. The content creation and marketing that reaches buyers at this stage positions your products and services as a potential solution by matching the content to their search queries.

Stage 2: Consideration. At this stage, the buyer has identified several potential solutions and is evaluating each one to determine which one would be the best for them. The digital content creation and marketing at this stage helps the buyer see themselves in your solution through the use of testimonials,, case studies and product reviews.

Stage 3: Decision. This third stage is the point at which the buyer has made a decision and is ready to make a purchase. The content at this stage resides on an order or sales page.

Stage 4: Post-Purchase Evaluation: The last stage is reached after the purchase is complete. The buyer is now experiencing and evaluating the product or service and determining if it meets their expectations. They’re consciously evaluating their level of satisfaction with their purchase decision. Content for this stage includes: tips, suggestions, how to’s and FAQ’s.

For Different Platform and Media Preferences.

Different people prefer to consume content on different platforms and via different mediums.

Written Content. Some people prefer to digest written content. Blog posts, emails, eMagazines and eNewsletters work best.

Presentation Content.There’s a segment of people who prefer written content intermixed with graphical content that supports it. These people prefer presentations. Our Slideshow content creation and marketing gets product specific content in their hands. 

Audio Content. Other people prefer audio content. These people prefer listening to podcasts for education, entertainment and information. Creating an audio version of your product or service specific content and distributing it to high traffic podcasts makes it available for these people to listen to it.

Video Content. Many people prefer video content. For full length video content people turn to Vimeo and Youtube. For short form video content they look to Youtube Shorts, Facebook Stories, and Reels.

Who's Digital Content Creation and Marketing Best Suited For?

Our content creation and marketing system was designed for professionals, practitioners, home service contractors and small business owners looking to grow their business.

About Our Content Creation and Marketing Service

We excel in writing search engine optimized, topic centric content that intimately connects with your target audience and gets them primed to purchase or book an appointment.

Over the course of our 13 year history we’ve written thousands of pieces of content ranging from white papers to emails, from sales pages to videos and social posts to eMagazines. We’re extremely proficient in using the written word to communicate ideas, sell products, book appointments and raise money. 

Getting To Know Our Content Creation and Marketing Solutions

Here’s a peek into the digital content creation and marketing services we offer to help take your marketing to the next level…

Blog Posts

Our core content creation and marketing service is writing weekly blog posts that target buyers for specific products and services. 

Search Engine Optimized. Each blog post focuses on a single product or service and a specific group of buyers. The content and images are optimized for search engines.

Compelling Call To Action. The content intimately connects with the reader, resonating with them and leading them to take decisive action.

Slideshow Presentations and PDFs

An effective content creation and marketing strategy is to create and distribute Google Slide or Powerpoint presentations.

Video Demonstrations.You can record videos and webinars that walk your prospect through your product or service as you navigate through the slides.

PDFs. Slideshow presentations can be downloaded as PDFs and turned into lead magnets added to emails as an attachment.


Our eNewsletter are designed to keep your name front and center of your customers, patients and clients.

We do that by delivering easily digestible tips and information. 

eNewsletter Components. The subject line and topic are highly relevant to them. It includes bullet points that outline steps or tips that make it easy for the reader to follow. The eNewsletter ends with a compelling call to action.


Our eMagazines solve one specific problem your customer, client or patient has.

It delivers the solution in a simple, step-by-step format that positions your business, practice or service as the solution provider that will help them get the desired result, but without them having to try to do it on their own.


Our team crafts unique emails by pulling from a repository of thousands of proven emails that we’ve accumulated over the years.

Our team is equipped to craft engaging emails, written in your voice, that deepen the connection between you and your customers. This consistently and effectively conveys a message that resonates with them and ignites a spark that compels them to take decisive action. 

Web Page Content

As part of our own business content creation and marketing we routinely create web pages with Rank Math scores of 90 or better, indicating that the pages are extremely well optimized for the search term they target.

Our web pages not only provide a deep dive into the targeted search term, they incorporate keyword optimized images that support the content.

All of our web pages include a compelling call to action.

Cinematic Social Posting

Our engaging content creation and marketing really makes your social media “pop”. It helps differentiate you and makes you stand out. Since people are on social media at different times, we post an assortment of this content once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Now when visitors to your website click the social icons, they see an active social media account with a mix of educational, informative and inspirational content that doesn’t look like everyone else’s…it stands out.

Landing Pages

Our optimized landing pages are stand alone, single page websites used for a specific purpose or campaign, such as promoting a product or capturing leads. They differ from conventional websites in that they have a single focus, a clear call-to-action, and no navigation menu. In contrast, full websites typically have multiple pages and sections, each with a different focus.

Landing pages can be a better option than a full website in certain situations because they are typically simpler and more streamlined. They’re designed to provide the visitor with only two options: (1) take the directed action (make a purchase, complete a form, sign up or call) or (2) leave the page.

eMag Funnels

eMagazines are linked to an opt in page that we customize and host for you. This opt in page is the gate through which the interested person must pass to receive the issue (and the solution to their problem). The page is optimized for desktop and mobile.

The opt in page is designed to be consistent with your eMagazine and your company branding. Optionally, you can request or require name, email and mobile number on the form submission.

Audio & Video Scripts

We can help repurpose blog posts, slideshow, eNewsletter and eMagazine content into audio and video scripts you can use when recording new podcast episodes (for Spotify), full length videos (for Youtube and Vimeo) or short form content.

Contact us discuss what you’re looking to create and we’ll be happy to help.

Content Syndication

Content Syndication is an affordable way for brick and mortar local businesses, practitioners, professionals and home service contractors to compete with regional or national competitors by enhancing their content creation and marketing. 

By placing your product and service specific content on the largest new sites, blogs, social media sites, video sites, slide presentation platforms and podcasts simultaneously, your business gets national coverage with a geographically local focus.

Case Studies

Search Engine Optimized Content Results

Content Creation and Marketing

Case Study: Westchester YB Properties

“Our facilities experienced tremendous growth due to a consistent online presence at the top of Google's search results. We had pages of unique content for prospective tenants to view about moving and storage. All of the pages helped us maintain a prominent Google presence listings and our organic positioning made it easy for customers to find us first in each of our markets. Eric’s decades of experience in the self storage industry, combined with his online knowledge and content expertise helped our business grow year after year. He's always treated our business as if it’s his own. That means the world to me.”
Peter Ferraro III
CFO, YB Properties

The Problem

National aggregators, REITS and industry directory sites are able to leverage their assets to obtain an organic presence in local markets and have substantial capital to spend on Adwords and SEO.

As a small player it’s very difficult to compete head to head. It’s become much more difficult and expensive to obtain tenants.

The Solution

By leveraging our presence on Google Maps, consistently creating engaging content and syndicating it, we were able to position ourselves online ahead of much larger competitors.

The national competitors simply didn’t have the local engagement as we did in our local markets.

This not only helped build and maintain our business over the years it played an important role in the sale of our facilities.


Case Study: DoCorporate Customer Monetization Method

“Over the past decade we developed a communication method we call "the Customer Monetization Method". We created tons of content and graphics to walk business owners through our process and needed a way for prospective customers to find out about this great service. Why relied on Content Syndication for exposure and the number of page one search results we've been able to obtain is simply amazing."
Eric Herman
Founder & CEO, DoCorporate

The Problem

We launched a new service just after Covid-19, called “The Customer Monetization Method”. The service helps small business owners increase the value of their business by improving their customer communication. 

We didn’t want to wait for SEO to kick in and needed a way for all the content we created around the service to stand out and be found.

The Solution

We were able to create niche content syndication campaigns that positioned us at the top of Google search results for many of the targeted markets we serve.

We saw immediate results within the first few days. And the long lasting results have been important part of our business growth.

See for yourself:

salon client monetization

Boca Raton customer monetization


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