Media Authority Branding

Position Yourself As “The Expert” In Your Market by Leveraging Mainstream Media’s Authority

We Guarantee Placement in Mainstream Media & 1st Page Google Ranking in Just 7 Days!


An Exclusive Opportunity Limited To One Business Per Geographic Location

Our Media Channel Affiliate Network Is Selective About Who They Associate With And Lend Their Authority To. As Such, We Limit This Service To A Single Business With No Competition

We Offer 4 Results Based Guarantees

Because we laser focus on: the content, the targeted audience, your ideal prospect search patterns and proven media distribution criteria we’re able to offer you not just one, but four (4) guarantees:


Guarantee 1

Your content will be positioned on the first page of google for at least one relevant search term within 7 days of distribution


Guarantee 2 

At least 4 media networks will pickup your content and we’ll provide you with documented proof within 7 days of distribution


Guarantee 3

 We will provide you with an “As Seen on” media logo set which you can use on your website and marketing mateterials within 7 days of distribution


Guarantee 4

You will receive a pdf copy of one pusblished article from one media channel within 7 days of distribution

Before and After

Before Media


After Media Authority Credentials

200 Media Channel Distribution Guarantee

ABC Affiliate

CBS Affiliate

NBC Affiliate

Boston Herald


CW Affiliate

CBS 4 Affiliate

SNJ Affiliate

Google 1st Page Positioning Guarantee

Business Location 3 Pack

New Service Introduction

Highlighting A Secured Service

Industry Award

Media Channel Broadcast Syndication Guarantee

Increased Website Visitor Traffic

The 27 Reasons You Need Media Placement

You simply cannot be in business without this powerful media network branding you

Targeted Customers

Our process focuses on targeted segments of your customer base, resulting in better connversions. 

More Customers

The viewership of mainstream media reaches millions of people searching for your products & services each month.

Customer Focused Solutions

Media credentials establish trust and  position your business expertise as “the solution” to your prospect’s problem.

Source Of Quality Traffic

Placing your targeted content onto high authority media sites delivers quality visitors from their sites to yours

Authority Links To Your Site

These high authority media sites carry a tremendous amount of weight with Google and  link back to your site.

Authority Citations

The media broadcasting your Name Address & Phone number (NAP) are the cornerstone of local Google rankings.

Suprisingly Affordable

Many PR firms charge thousands of dollars without guaranteeing results . . . we’re surprisingly affordable

Done For You Service

Once we understand what your offer, how you offer it and who you offer it to, we do all the work on your behalf

Fast 7 Day Results

Once our 15 minute interview is complete, we’ll create your content and have it distributed within 7 days


Instant Credibility

As soon as our media channels broadcast your content, you’ll have instant online credibility, trust and branded authority

Logos For Social Media

We’ll provide you a set of “as seen on” media logos for use on graphics for your social media accounts

Exclude Competition

The more online real estate you control, the less space there is for your competition.


Improved Online Presence

Google looks to position authority at the top of its results, your business achieves this via  mainstream media’s authority

More Buyers Ready To Spend

A result of our process is laser targeting and combining with the media reach, more customers are driven to your site


Guaranteed Ranking

Since we’re using our unique interview process to create the content for you, we guarantee it will be positioned on page 1*

Laser Targeted Outreach

Our interview process defines who you want to reach and what you want to sell more of and we target those results

Stand Apart From Competition

While your competition runs ads and does SEO, less than 20% leverage the media (because they don’t know how).

Enhanced Authority

We’ll provide you with your set of media logos to enhance your existing authority through all your communications.

Logos For Your Email

We’ll provide you with a set of “as seen on” media logos for use in your email signature or email templates

Media Recognition

Mainstream media channels are instantly and globally recognized as an authority souce of news and information

Increase Traffic = Increase Sales

Drive sale when your targeted message is broadcast through these channels to find and identify with your targeted audience


Guaranteed Placement

We write the content, based upon a unique interview process and guarantee major news site placement


No Long Term Contracts

A month-to-month service agreement allows you to cancel at any time and frees you from long-term committments

Documented Proof

You’ll receive proof of media placement and a list of keyword rankings  for each peice of content distributed


Result Reporting

Within a week of broadcasting your content, we’ll provide you with a report showing the results we’ve acheived

Logos For Your Website

We’ll provide you a set of “as seen on” media logos along with instructions for embedding them onto your website

Logos For Print Materials

We’ll provide you a set of “as seen on” media logos for use on printed materials such as business cards and brochures

How It Works

Our Process Makes All The Difference

The result of our simple process really makes all the difference for your business in two ways: 1) You present a ckear and unique message to your pre-defined target audience and 2) The mainstream media broadcasts this targeted message to their viewers

Step 1: Positioning Interview

Determing How To Best Position Your Business and Service

We developed a unique, non-obtrusive interview technique whereby we can quickly learn a bit about you and your business, understand some of your challenges and create content that immediately positions your business in front of our network of more than 250 media channels.

A Focus On Driving Traffic

We conduct a thorough, traffic focused interview with you to learn what sets you apart from your competition. Don’t worry, we’re able to do this in only 15 minutes. 

Step 2: Targeting Search Terms For Traffic

Determining Your Prospect’s Search Queries

We look at the search terms your target audience is using to find your business, products and services. We use that information to identify trends and opportunities to position your business for exposure.

Step 3: Crafting A Unique Article 

Your Message Matched To Your Prospect’s Search

We don’t just create content for content sake. We create content that’s specifically matched to your target prospects’ search and use the power and authority of the main stream media to get it in front of them.

Our team of experienced editorial writers craft a compelling and news worthy article about your business services in a unique way that targets your ideal prospect audience.

Step 4: Distribute To 200 News Channels

Once your content is published it’s distributed to more ant 250 distinct media sites and we’ll report with proof of the successful distribution. 

Step 5: Branding Logos and Result Report

Within a week of distribution we will provide you with a set of media logos along with a Distribution Report and Keyword Ranking Report.

Case Study: Westchester Self Storage Management Group

how we’re bringing in more new tenants organically each month, reducing ad spend, building our local brand footprint and out-maneuvering the national brands 

“Eric’s decade of experience in the self storage industry, combined with his online knowledge and media connections has been helping our business grow year after year. He treats our business as if it’s his own. As a family owned and operated company that means the world to me.”

Peter Ferraro III

CFO, Westchester Self Storage

The Problem

National aggregators ( and REITS (Public Storage, Cubesmart and Extra Space) have seemingly overflowing bank accounts with which to spend on Adwords and SEO.

We simply can’t compete head to head. It’s become much more difficult and expensive to obtain tenants.

The Solution

We’ve been able to use our local presence to our advantage and reach new tenants by combining our local citations and the incredibly powerful citations that the media provides to boost our local online presence.

The national competitors simply don’t have the footprint we do in our local markets now. 


Avg Increase In Site Traffic

Building Our Local “Online” Real Estate In Conjunction With Our “Physical” Real Estate Assets

 As We Increase Our Online Positioning, We It Take Away From Our Competition

Top 10 Search Term Positions

Taking Over More Online Real Estate On 1st Page of Google 

#1 Search Term Positions

Better Positioning = More Tentants (# 1 Ranking in Google)


3 Page 1 Positions

2 Page 1 Positions

4 Page 1 Positions

2 Page 1 Positions


“Eric is one the most driven entrepreneurs I have ever known. He takes on every endeavor with zeal and tenacity. He has a keen sense of the online environment and has developed cutting edge strategies to get products and services optimized.”

Daniel S. Ogus

EVP & COO, Cornerstone Affiliates

“Eric is an expert in Internet Traffic, getting websites and other assets like videos to rank on the first page of Google. His work ethic and results are beyond compare and in all the years I’ve known him he’s never let me down.”

Mike Williams

COO, ChargebackOps

“Eric’s expertise has been so helpful in segmenting my business to drive revenue from specific audiences. He really cares about my business success .”

Patti Starr

RA, LMT, SET, Integrated Healing Arts Bodywork

“I was introduced to Eric through a mutual friend and Eric has helped me market my cleaning business over the years. He’s always been a great sounding board for me and when one of my competitors started posting negative things about me online, Eric’s team was able to jump right in and help me.”

Keith Sloane

Owner, Tidy Up Cleaning Services

“Eric has the most unbelievable work ethic I’ve ever seen. The guy is a tireless champion for my business. He always has my back and I never get a BS answer. He’s helped me grow my business and he’s a great listener.”

Ryan Burgon

President, Rynell Holdings

“Eric is one of the best revenue generators I have the pleasure of knowing. He’s got a great technical team and a lot of resources that make success easy. I highly recommend him.”

Sean T Phillips

Internet Marketign Professional, STP Consulting

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