DoBrandStudio Content Creation 1 Web Page Per Month

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DoBrandStudio Content Creation 1 Web Page Per Month


Why Do I Need Content Web Page Content?

To Reach Buyers At Different Stages Of The Buyer Journey.

Our content creation blog posts provide a means for your business to engage with customers at different points in their buyer journey and keep them interested and engaged over time.

Stage 1: Awareness. The first stage of the buyer journey is awareness. At this stage the buyer first becomes aware of a problem or need they have and begin searching for potential solutions. Content creation blog posts position your products and services as a potential solution by matching the content to your ideal buyer search queries.

Stage 2: Consideration. At this stage, the buyer has identified several potential solutions and is evaluating each one to determine which one would be the best for them. Content creation blog posts for this stage of the buyer journey provide case studies, testimonials and product reviews to help the buyer see themselves in your solution.

Stage 3: Decision. This third stage is the point at which the buyer has made a decision and is ready to make a purchase. The content creation blog posts they see in this stage lead the buyer directly to your order page or sales page. They’re effectively sales content for your order page.

Stage 4: Post-Purchase Evaluation: The last stage is reached after the purchase is complete. The buyer is now experiencing and evaluating the product or service and determining if it meets their expectations. They’re consciously evaluating their level of satisfaction with their purchase decision. Content creation blog posts for this stage include: tips, suggestions, how to’s and FAQ’s.

For Visibility And Sales For Each Product or Service You Offer.

You should have a separate, keyword optimized web page for each product or service you offer. Optimizing the page contents to match your ideal buyer’s search queries, you’ll attract visitors to the pages. Each page needs to captivate and grab the prospect’s attention. The content needs to be supported with images and graphics that break up the paragraphs, making the page easier to read and digest.

These web pages need to instill trust in you and your brand, while incorporating psychological elements that will resonate with the prospect. This is accomplished adding testimonials, reviews and accolades to the page.

The pages need to end with a decisive call-to-action that compels the prospect to act.

Who’s The Web Page Content Service Best Suited For?

Our content creation blog posts are designed for professionals, practitioners, home service contractors and small business owners looking to grow their business.

Our Web Page Content Service Includes:

1. Unique Keyword Optimized Content

Our uniquely created web content is written with a specific keyword in mind. These pages target buyers for specific products and services.

Search Engine Optimized. Each page focuses on a single product or service and a specific group of buyers. The content and images are optimized for search engines.

Compelling Call To Action. The content intimately connects with the reader, resonating with them and leading them to take decisive action.

2. A Keyword Optimized Hero Image

We incorporate a hero image to draw the reader into the page. The image is keyword optimized as a contributing factor to the page’s on-page optimization.

3. Supporting Images

When appropriate, we incorporate images and graphics to support and break up the written content.

Adding images and graphics makes a web page easier to read.

4. Call To Action and Reference Links

We strategically place reference links and call to action links within the contents of the page.

Each page includes a specific call to action that the reader is encouraged to take.

5. DFY Posting To Your WordPress Site

By providing access to your WordPress site, our team can add web pages to your site.

If you prefer to add the pages yourself, we’re happy to deliver the blogs in the format the works best for you.

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