DoMobileMsg FUSS Follow Up Sales System

$495.00 / month

DoMobileMsg’s FUSS Follow Up Sales System


We Help Recapture Lost Sales Opportunities

The DoMobileMsg Follow Up Sales (FUSS) System . . .

helps home service contractors generate revenue from missed opportunities through a proven, automated, done-for-you SMS text and email follow up system.

How This Helps You Generate Business Without Spending Money On Advertising

It’s becoming increasingly more expensive to generate business through paid advertising.

The FUSS system is a low cost way to generate business from sales calls you already made (and spend money to generate) but you consider lost. As a done-for-you service, you’ll send over the leads and we’ll plug them into our platform and follow up with them for you. The interested ones will call you, giving you another opportunity to close them, without having to put in all the work.

The result…found money!

FUSS By The Numbers

Let’s say your sales reps go on 10 appointments.

How many of those 10 appointments turn into sales?

Typically, three, four or maybe five?

What happens with the rest?

Most contractors simply consider them lost sales and don’t put any effort into following up.Under normal conditions, following up is time consuming. It requires a lot of additional effort.

Our FUSS Follow Up Sales System automates the follow up for you, so you don’t need to do it.

The only thing you need to do is respond to those “lost prospects” we’re able to reconnect you with.

Depending upon the size of the job, our FUSS system can generate an extra $5,000 to $10,000 or more.

Leveraging Intelligent Automation

Because we’re able to utilize automation, we can deliver the follow up sales system quickly, affordably and without requiring you to make a long-term commitment.

By applying intelligent automation we’re able to do what was, until recently, impossible.

The FUSS system combines technology with personalization. Through our cloud-based sms platform, we’re able to nurture your missed sales opportunities and turn them into sales calls. Something you otherwise couldn’t do.

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