DoMobileMsg Missed Call Mobile Communication Plus

$297.00 / month

DoMobileMsg Missed Call Mobile Communication Plus Package


What Is Missed Call Mobile Communication?

Our Missed Call Mobile Communication service . . .

helps small business owners by immediately responding to missed calls through our automated, done-for-you, SMS text messaging system.

How This Helps You Generate Business Without Spending Money On Advertising

Statistics show that if you don’t answer a prospect’s call, they’ll move onto the next business.

The Missed Call Mobile Communication service automatically sends a text message to the caller when you’re unable to answer the phone. We customize the return message to fit your business.

The Problem…

Your ideal customer finds you online or calls one of your ads, but you miss their call and missing that call can have devastating impact on your business. The stats prove that out.

When you miss a prospect’s call, here’s what happens . . .

85% Don’t Call Back
70% Give Up On Contacting You
60% Move Onto A Competitor

How Does The Missed Call Mobile Communication Help Me?

An immediate response to a prospect’s call substantially increases their re-engagement and puts you in a position to sell your service or book an appointment.

Your online positioning got the prospect to call, the Missed Call Mobile Communication service makes sure you speak to them before they move onto a competitor.

Dealing with staffing issues? The service was built to help businesses with leaner staffs stay ahead of their competition.

You’ve got to have something in place to make sure you don’t miss those new opportunities.

We’ll set up the entire system for you and start helping you catch more of these opportunities.

Who’s It For?

The Mobile Message Monetization Method is for service professionals and small businesses with an online presence

How Does It Work?

DoMobileMsg Missed Call Mobile Communication System:

Step 1: Prospect Calls Your Phone Number and You Answer It
Step 2: You’re Unable To Answer The Phone and Our System Automatically Send The Caller an SMS Text Message
Step 3: Conversation Continues and You Make The Sale

Missed Call Mobile Communication PLUS Package Includes:

  • Up to 5 Phone Numbers
  • Automated 3 Step Follow Up
  • Real Time Conversation Access
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Voicemail
  • Call Recordings
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Customer List Building
  • 3,000 Messages / Calls per Month(1)

(1) unused Message / Call credits expire each month and don’t rollover

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