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DoMySocialPosting Standout Social Stories

What Are DoMySocialPosting Standout Social Stories?

Standout Social Stories are short stories and testimonials from your best customers, clients and patients. These people absolutely love you and your business. They post about their great experiences with your business, online for others to see. We repurpose their commentary and market it help you convert more business from it.

Why are standout social stories so important?

These customers are micro influencers for your business. What they say can have a significant impact on conversion from site visitors to customers.

The vast majority of prospective customers look at a business’ online presence before contacting them. 92% of them read online reviews before making a purchase or booking an appointment. 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Your standout social stories go a long way in converting these prospective customers into paying customers.

The problem with reviews on Facebook:

1. They don’t stand out. Facebook places reviews in a separate tab that isn’t part of the feed. They don’t show up as posts. Your page followers have to look for the reviews rather than seeing them as part of their page engagement.

2. You’re not leveraging them. You have an inventory of great comments about customer experiences with your business that are just sitting in your Facebook page, but they’re not generating any appointments or new customers.

3. Facebook search doesn’t use reviews to reward you. Facebook search doesn’t highlight your great reviews as part of the platform’s search results, Facebook simply summarizes your review score.

4. Scrolling your feed bypasses the review tab. Scrolling your feed completely bypasses any display of reviews, so no one scrolling will see any of the fantastic things your biggest fans have to say about you.

Our Standout Social Stories service solves these problems.

You’ve got all these great reviews on facebook. Your customers, clients and patients have taken the time to share their personal messages about their experience with your business, but they’re stuck in the “review tab”. We specialize it turning these Facebook reviews into website and social media testimonials that help convert your website visitors and social media followers into customers.

The result . . .

By repurposing Facebook reviews into search engine optimized and engaging social media content, you’re transforming a hidden asset into an highly visible appointment booking and customer generating one.

Isn’t about time you leverage all the great things your biggest fans have to say about you?

Why Do I Need The Standout Social Stories Service?

The problem with most Facebook reviews isn’t about what your customers have to say, it’s where they’re saying it that’s the problem.

Facebook places reviews in a separate tab that your followers have to find, rather than including them as part of your feed for all your followers to see.

Our Standout Social Stories service turns these “hidden gems” into testimonial content for your website and social media content that you can post where your prospects and customers can actually see it…in your Facebook feed, on Instagram, on your Google Business Profile and as stories and reels.

We search engine optimize the standout social stories testimonial content for you. We deliver testimonial content for your site with search engine optimized file names and corresponding alt tag descriptions that you’ll include when you upload them to your website.

This helps others your find standout social stories in search.

Who’s The Standout Social Stories Service Designed For?

If your business or practice has a base of customers, clients or patients that absolutely love your brand, then our Standout Social Stories service may be the right service for you.

We help position great commentary, from your biggest fans, in front of all the people who follow you on social media, who come across your Google Business Profile and in front of everyone who visits your website.

What better way to compliment your brand than with a custom package of great looking, search engine optimized, testimonial content.

Standout Social Stories content is custom created for medical professionals, attorneys, business owners and organizational leaders who want to their best customer experiences to help sway the opinions of those considering doing business with them.

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