eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation Made Easy

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eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation


eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation

What Is eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation?

eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation provides professionals and practitioners with a hands-free, done-for-you method for generating higher margin, long-term repeat business and increasing your business valuation.

The eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation helps you increase your net margin and in doing so, increase the value of your business. The process begins with leveraging your client base.

You’re not leveraging your client base to its full extent, why not?

It’s because you don’t have the time…

And with covid-related supply chain and labor issues, you don’t have the resources.

You need a plug-n-play method.

Leveraging your client base requires putting a method in place that works on autopilot, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation.
Traditionally, building a method like this requires integrating several different platforms and somehow tying them all together. Not an easy thing to do.
We know, because we’ve tried.

eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation. . . your plug-n-play method!

Due to recent advancements in cloud service capabilities, we’re able to bring everything you need together into a single platform that we can manage for you.

. . . a cloud-based platform that we manage for you!

And because we’re able to utilize automation, we can deliver the method quickly, affordably and without you having to make a long-term commitment.

What Problems Do eMagProeMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation?
  • Client & Patient Problems
  • Attracting New Clients & Patients
  • Increasing Referrals
  • Increasing Patient Long-Term Value (LTV)
  • Offsetting Rising Client Acquisition Costs
  • Selling New Products and Services
  • Adding eCommerce
  • Selling More To Existing Clients
  • Bringing Patients & Clients In More Frequently

Looking to increase your eMagPro Method exposure? eMagPro

How Does The eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation Work?

It’s a Done-For-You 8 step method that brings new clients and patients in as well as bringing existing ones back.

Each eMagazine issue solves one specific problem in a short, easy to follow, step-by-step format. This positions you as the “authority” the reader looks to as they go through each step. The eMagazine helps solve the reader’s problem while embedding a specific call-to-action (booking an appointment or selling a product for example). We offer 2 eMagazine Options:

Option 1: Customized eMagazine
The eMagazine is customized from one of our templates to match your brand color theme and includes your photo, logo and contact information. Optionally you can include a product page, services page and you can change the title.

Option 2: Custom Created eMagazine
The eMagazine is custom created for you through our unique interview process. It’s designed to match your brand color theme and includes photos, your logo, contact information and links to products, services and order forms.

Your eMagazine is linked to an opt in page that we customize and host for you. This opt in page is the gate through which the interested person must pass to receive the issue (and the solution to their problem). The page is optimized for desktop and mobile. The opt in page is designed to be consistent with your eMagazine and your company branding. Optionally, you can request or require name, email and mobile number on the form submission.

An Upon submission of the form, the visitor is redirected to an “Exclusive Offer” thank you page. This is the one page that virtually 100% of all visitors will see after they opt in. This page needs to make a limited time offer that the visitor won’t see elsewhere. It’s an additional “gift” from you, just for opting in. The page also explains how they’ll receive their eMagazine and the steps they need to take once they receive it.

We’ll be delivering your eMagazine through email and SMS text, on your behalf, automatically to the recipients that entered both their email and mobile number. The email and text will identify you as the sender and reference the eMagazine title. A download link is included in each message, with a note from you. We include a follow up email and text message, typically the following day, to make sure the recipient downloaded their copy.

We bring your social media accounts to life by turning your eMagazine issues and industry specific, curated content into amazing, custom branded (with your company logo) posts optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile (GMB), Twitter and LinkedIn. Posts include images, graphics, offers, quotes, tips and excerpts from each eMagazine issue. Whenever possible, post messages link to your opt in page and offers.

Our social media posting helps turn browsers into clients and patients by transforming your social accounts from digital ghost towns into educational, informational destinations that provide insight and updates to visitors interested in your practice. Our web-based platform consolidates all of your social accounts into a single interface that we use to post to each of your connected profiles 2x daily.

Follow up continues for you, automatically. Our short-term follow up includes a mix of 3 to 6 emails and SMS text messages over a ten to fourteen day period. The follow up message content includes information, education and gentle persuasion. It includes offers and calls to action. Once a recipient takes an action, they’re removed from the remainder of short-term follow up automatically.

After the short-term communication, email and sms recipients are moved to a long-term follow up communication channel. This communication is designed to keep your practice in front of your patients and clients and top of mind for when they need your help. Long-term follow up includes: eNewsletter tips and advice, community information, office updates, social media updates, new products and services and special incentives and offers.

Answers To Commonly Asked Questions
What Does Customized Mean?

The eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation is built upon customized templates rather than being custom designed for each professional or practitioner.

The customization process includes:

– a Cover Image
– Branding Colors
– Customer Provided Logo
– Contact Information
– Minor Content Edits

The custom creation process includes:

– custom creation of your topic, step-by-step solution
– a Cover Image
– Branding Colors
– Customer Provided Logo
– Contact Information
– Minor Content Edits

What Does eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation Include:

eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation includes:

– Customized eMagazine (hosting included)
– eMagazine PDF version
– eMagazine Cover Image
– eMagazine Opt In Page (hosting included)
– eMagazine Thank You Offer Page (hosting included)
– eMagazine Social Posts
– DWY Offer Creation
– DFY Offer Implementation
– DFY Communication
– DFY Opt In Follow Up
– DFY Email List Building
– DFY SMS List Building
– Web-based Platform
– Optimized For Desktop
– Optimized For Mobile
– Real Time Reporting & Analytics
– New Client Campaigns
– Existing Client Campaigns
– Reactivation Campaigns
– Resell Campaigns
– Online Review Requests
– Review Management & Marketing
– Includes 1 eMag Funnel

Where Do I Place The eMagazine?

eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation eMagazine Issues should be placed:

Online Positing
(cover image with link to the opt-in page)
– On your website
– On your Google Business Profile (GMB listing)
– On you Facebook business page (in a pinned post)
– On Instagram and linked to in the bio
– In your email correspondence

Offline Positioning
(cover image with link to the opt-in page)
– In your waiting room
– At your front desk
– In your treatment / meeting rooms
– In print ads
– In mailings

How Long Does It Take To get Started Once I Sign Up?

Your customized eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation will be available to you within 2 business days of your profile completion (that provides us with your preferred contact information, branding and offer).

Can I Incorporate eMagPro Social Method Content Marketing Automation Into My Social Media?

Yes. our eMagPro Social Method includes creating social posts for you to promote your eMagazine on all of your social profiles.
As part of this done-for-you solution, we create the social posts and syndicate them to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Business Profile (GMB) and Linked In pages.This upgrade from the base method plan saves you $100 off our monthly retail price.

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