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Search Box Optimization

Leading Search Engines Suggest Your Business

Autosuggest Search Box Optimization

coordinated digital assets to enhance your professional brand

Your Competitive Advantage

Search Box Optimization Places You Above Search Results

Your prospects will see your company (or your name) as a “search suggestion” before the search engine displays the search results (all they see is you without the competition).

Search Box Optimization Brings You The Best Leads

Google estimates that 71% of all searches use their “autosuggest” feature. That’s where our search box optimization service places you. 

What Is Search Box Optimization?

Search box optimization enables you to be in Google and Bing’s auto-complete search. Your prospects and customers will see your first and bypass your competitors.

Digital real estate is no different from physical real estate, they’re both rely upon “location”

Search Box Optimization is the very best digital real estate you can own…

It’s exclusive. When you own the autosuggest search term, you not only show up in the search box, you’re preventing your competitors from showing up in the results.

Let our team help you find the best search phrases and secure them for you.

We Get Results...

Until now, the only way to own the 1st page of search results would be to SEO yourself to the top of page 1 and pay for every click from your customers in a pay-per-click campaign. Now you can bypass the competition, eliminate pay-per-click and own the entire organic search results.

You'll Standout From Everyone Else

You'll standout from everyone else by showing up in the auto-complete results. When they select your company inside the search box, they bypass your competitors and you own the entire first page results.

Why It's So Powerful...


Only one company can be optimized for each suggested search term, that creates an “exclusive opportunity” for whomever secures that search phrase. We never resell a search phrase.

Cost Effective

Search box optimization is typically more cost effective than pay per click campaigns and SEO. When someone selects your company from within the autosuggest, your company will own the entire first page of results.

Competitive Edge

Whenever someone types your optimized search term, they’ll see your company before any of your competitors.

Autosuggest Results dui lawyer

Search Box Optimization Demo

Targeted Search Phrase...

personal injury attorney boston

Search Box Optimization

Michael's Google Suggested Results

Search Box Optimization Auto Complete Michael O Smith

Act Now....

once a search phrase is taken, it's gone

How It Works

We use search box optimization to place your company name into the search box. We place you where people type in their search.  Your company will show up as an auto-suggestion in the search box.  It will appear as though people are recommending you, or that you have the most authority.  People will be inclined to pick your company because Google or Bing is suggesting your company. 

Customer Acquisition Cycle

Take Up The Entire 1st Page

A great business needs exposure, let’s get you some

Search Box Optimization enables you to be in front of every potential customer searching for your products and services.  Your company name will be in front of the eyes of each person looking for your product or service. When someone selects your company from the suggested results, the search results are transformed, placing your business in each result, occupying the entire first page.

Page 1

It's All About Page 1

Do you look beyond the first page or first ten search results? Nobody does..  What most people do is look at the first page of results and if they don’t see what they like, they revise their search term and look again. Our Search Box Optimization services places your business in the search box so that when a prospective customer is looking for your product or service, you show up as a suggestion in the search box. Being a suggested solution provides consumers the confidence they need to buy from you.

Get More Customers. Affordably

Autosuggest On All Devices

Show Up First On Every Search

This is a unique marketing platform that none of your competitors will have.  Be the first company your customers see when looking for your product or service.

Own Search Page 1

Obtain exclusive exposure by owning the entire first page of search results for your optimized search phrase.

Exclusive Technology

Our technology is limited to an exclusive network and unavailable outside of the Search Box Optimization platform.

Worldwide Application

Anyone searching your optimized search phrase will see you in the auto-complete regardless of their location.

Simple Process

Our process is simple. Select search phrases that bring you customer and we'll take care of the rest.

Mobile Friendly

Our Search Box Optimization works across all devices including, mobile, tablet and desktop.

Cost Effective

Search Box Optimization is an affordable solution for business owners to get a competitive edge over their competitors

Local or National

we have search box optimization programs for both

Local Search Box Optimization

If you are a local business ready to put yourself in front or your competition, we can help you with our local Search Box Optimization program.  Get yourself in front of the people looking for your specific areas of practice, at the moment they are searching.  Let us help you implement a program to capture the best keyword phrases that your customers use to find your local business.

National Search Box Optimization

If you are a company with offices nationwide, or who sells your services to potential clients on a national level, we can help put you in front of thousands of potential customers every month with our national Search Box Optimization marketing program.  Let us custom design a marketing program with you, to drive in new business.

Frequently asked Questions

No. After you make your initial payment, you will not make another payment until one of your keywords in the autosuggest box.

Pricing is based upon the competitiveness and search volume for the search term.

No contracts.

Yes you’ll show up on all devices.

There’s nothing to cancel. There’s no ongoing cost. If you would like the site taken down for any reason simply send an email to and we’ll accommodate your request within 2 business days.

There’s no guarantee for Magnetic Profile Sites.

Yes. Your business can appear in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing.  Autocomplete-Optimization will also enhance your overall online presence and authority for each search engine. Autocomplete-Optimization will give your business consistency in results.

Absolutely! Consumers use search engines like Bing and Google because they have a need or a want.  When they begin their search they are a prospect.  When they click onto a listing for your business, they become a qualified lead.

We bring you leads from Yelp, BBB, YouTube, blogs, press releases, aggregate sites like, DexKnows, Merchant Circle and others.  Because Autocomplete-Optimization brings all of this content to the first page of Bing, Google, and soon Yahoo, users will find your website pages, too.

No. There’s no free trial for Search Box Optimization.

There are no refunds for Search Box Optimization.

In order to get you into the auto-complete, we need to establish authority for the keyword phrase.  The time that it takes can vary depending upon the competitiveness of the keyword phrase. You’ll typically start seeing your company in Bing within 45 to 60 days and in Google within 75 to 120 days.

Google tells us that 71% of all users engage in the auto-complete.  Over 91% of users look at the auto-complete, but 71% of the people actually use the auto-complete.  When a user looks for your product or service and they see you suggested in the auto-complete, it tends to give the them increased confidence in your company brand. Of, course, when the user clicks on your business in the auto-complete, every organic listing will display your business, not your competition.  Our customers experience a spike in business.

To reach us with any questions about the Customer Monetization Method or any of our other services, you can call 866.723.2522 or reach us by email at

We do not.  In order to influence the auto complete, Google looks to see what is currently trending, so our process works down the lines of social influences, to gain authority for the website and to build social awareness, and do it in such a way that meets Google’s algorithm  standards for determining what to suggest in the auto-complete.  This social media trending work that we do is very specific to getting Google to start suggesting the company in the auto-complete.  So we do some things similar to SEO, but specifically tailored towards influencing the indicators that Google looks at to determine what to put in the auto-suggest, which is mostly social trending.

Once a keyword phrase is sold, it is no longer available.  To test if the keyword phrase that you want is still available, just go to Google or Bing and type in the keyword phrase. If the auto-completes box shows any companyname after the keyword phrase in the suggestion box, the keyword phrase is taken.  If not, then the keyword phrase is likely still available.  There may be times when the keyword phrase has been purchased, but not yet appearing in the auto-complete. Contact us today to get started on your business evolution.

In our Autocomplete-Optimization program, there are no fees other than the monthly cost.  We have no hidden costs – your monthly cost is locked in when you submit your order.  

Getting Started Is Easy

  1. We make this program simple & affordable so everyone can use this technology and obtain more customers.  We will never sell your keyword phrase to anyone else.  Once you purchase a keyword phrase – it’s yours. Your competition will never be able to get that keyword phrase.

When you submit your order for Autocomplete-Optimization, our team will review the keyword phrases you submitted and will follow-up with you if we find any keyword phrases we feel you should consider.  We will perform keyword research based on the following: 

  • Monthly search volume, Keyword competiveness, pay-per-click bid costs, buyer intent phrases and urgent need phrases.

Our Simple 3 Step Process




Choose Either Local or National Keyword  Phrases




Lock In A Price For Search Box Optimization 




Secure Exclusive Keywords So That No One Else Can

Customer Monetization System
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