SMS Text Marketing Services

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SMS Text Marketing Services

Are The SMS Text Marketing Services Part Of A Package?

Our 7 SMS text marketing services are independent of one another and each serves a specific purpose.

At it’s core, each SMS text marketing service helps businesses communicate with prospects and customers using automation and personalization. Improving a business’ communication helps create new leads and sales opportunities

Who Are The SMS Text Marketing Services For?

Our SMS text marketing services enable professionals (attorneys, advisors and consultants), practitioners (doctors, dentists and chiropractors) and businesses with an online presence a way to better engage with new and existing customers.

Mobile Message Monetization Method

A Complete Done For You Customer Communication System

A 10 Step CORE Communication System. 

Our core SMS and email list building system that includes offer creation, implementation, customer follow up and ongoing communication through the use of personalized automation.

3 Additional Step PLUS Upgrade Includes Review Generation & Marketing

Our PLUS upgrade adds review generation, response and marketing

2 Additional Step PLU SOCIAL upgrade Includes Social Media

Our PLUS SOCIAL upgrade includes social media content and posting

Follow Up Sales System (FUSS)

Recapture Lost Sales Opportunities

This service is for Home Service Contractors

The FUSS system is a low cost way to generate business from sales calls you already made (and spend money to generate) but you consider lost. 

As a done-for-you service, you’ll send over the leads and we’ll plug them into our platform and follow up with them for you. The interested ones will call you, giving you another opportunity to close them, without having to put in all the work.

Universal Inbox

Consolidate All Your Communication Into A Single Channel

A Single Channel.

This helps small business owners communicate with their customers within a single channel, regardless of the communication channel (social media, phone and email) the prospect or customer is using.

No More Missed Leads. 

Instead of bouncing between multiple channels and social media accounts, we consolidate all your leads and communication into a universal inbox.  No more missed leads because you forgot to check Facebook Messenger, your Google Business Profile or Instagram.  Use our automated response feature to immediately engage with a new contact or use our rule settings to assign leads to a particular person. 

Anniversary Marketing

A Simple System For Creating Recurring Income

This service is for Florists and Jewelers.

Anniversary marketing helps small business owners generate more predictable repeat business through an automated system that reminders their customers of their upcoming anniversary through a proven, automated, done-for-you SMS text messaging system.

Missed Call Mobile Communication

Sends An Immediate Response To A Prospect's Missed Call

Prospects Don’t Leave Voicemails, They Move To A Competitor.

The Missed Call Mobile Communication service automatically sends a text message to the caller when you’re unable to answer the phone. We customize the return message to fit your business.This helps small business owners communicate with their customers within a single channel, regardless of the communication channel (social media, phone and email) the prospect or customer is using.

Website Welcome Widget

Website Visitor Greeting Tool & List Building System

This service is for businesses with 250+ monthly site visitors.

95% of website visitors leave a site without taking any action at all. The Welcome Widget system helps convert a percentage of these visitors into leads.

We help turn website visitors into leads by capturing their contact information and following up with them to provide sales opportunities your business through a proven, automated, done-for-you SMS text and email follow up system.

Quick and Easy Review Generation

Businesses Need A Consistent Flow Of Reviews For Prospects To Read

People look to online reviews and trust them as much as recommendations

Our quick and easy review generation service helps local business owners, professionals and practitioners generate customer reviews quickly and easily by sending simple, proven, automated, done-for-you SMS text and email review requests.

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