Customer List Building

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Customer List Building Services

Customer List Building

What Customer List Building Services Do We Offer?

DoCorporate’s customer list building services include:

Email List Building Campaigns

Email marketing enables you to build your client base and leverage it again and again, as long as you consistently communicate with them providing content they deem valuable.

It’s up to 6 times less expensive to sell to an existing customer than it is to generate a new one. Email marketing is the channel to do that most effectively.

Building a responsive email list creates opportunities to sell your services. Our email campaign creation service includes multi-day promotional emails that deliver coupons and special offers for customers on your email list.

SMS Text List Building

We’ll help you build an SMS text list through our DoMobile Message platform.

Rather than offer an off the shelf solution, we offer several optional SMS text list building options that include our: Website Welcome WidgetMissed Call Mobile CommunicationAnniversary Marketing and our comprehensive Mobile Message Monetization Method (click the “learn more” button for details).

Customer Monetization System
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