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Customer Monetization Plus Method

Generate More Predictable Repeat Business and Customers on Demand

What Is The Customer Monetization Plus Method?

The DoCorporate Customer Monetization Plus Method . . .

helps improve your customer communication by having us do it for you, behind the scenes. This provides you with a method to generate more predictable repeat business, customers on demand and as an additional module to our Core method, the Customer Monetization PLUS Method also incorporates our review request, management and marketing platform to magnify results.

Doing so amplifies the reach of your communication. And this helps you generate higher margin, predictable, repeat business at an accelerated pace.

Customer Monetization Plus Method

Predictable, higher margin revenue awaits…  

You focus on the front-facing, in-person customer experience and our method takes care of all the rest, behind the scenes.

What's Happening Behind The Scenes?

Our team works along side yours, remotely each month. At any time you and your team can login to see what’s going on. The reporting and analytics provide you with transparent insight into the effectiveness of your managed communication and offers. 

Likely, for the first time in your business, you’ll be able to measure what’s producing additional business and what isn’t.

Here’s what you’ll find with the Customer Monetization Plus Method working for you behind the scenes:

High-Margin Multi-Factor Revenue From Loyal Customers

A happy customer is not only more likely to become a “loyal” customer, they’re more likely to return multiple times each month or each year, depending upon your industry.

They’ll refer people to your business through word-of-mouth.

The ones comfortable or encouraged to do so will rave about you online for others to see. 

They’ll also typically spend more when they buy and will be more open to recommendations that may be more profitable for you. 

You don’t have to advertise to get them.

a happy customer

Your other customers . . . 

You have to continually advertise to get them back. They rarely refer you to their friends and family and they don’t spend as much as loyal customers do when they come in.

The best thing you can do in your business is get better at building your customer relationships, it’s the single most important activity in your business.

It’s not that simple!

Nurturing your customers isn’t easy. It’s time consuming. It’s a lot of work.

It requires a communication system that provides your customers with offers, incentives and answers to their questions, across all the channels of communication they may use (sms, email, social media or in person).

You need the Customer Monetization Plus Method because it provides support and insight into your customer communication so that you can determine the effectiveness of what’s working and what’s not, in real time, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation.

That’s what you need to steer your business in the right direction. And you need to be able to do that every single day. 

In today’s multimedia world, it’s increasingly more difficult to do.

We know. We tried. We succeeded!

Use the same method in your business that we use in our’s . . .

How Does It Work?

Customer Monetization Plus Method

Takeout Irresistible Offer


Irresistible Offer

The key to attracting new customers is to offer them something that’s hard for them to say “no” to… something “irresistible”.

The offer should be easy to redeem and be available to them immediately.

Providing multiple access options (SMS text, QR code and website link) makes participation easy.


SMS Text Phrase

The Customer Monetization Plus Method includes an SMS text enabled phone number and custom SMS Text key phrase that your customers can use to receive your irresistible offer.

Most typically, texting the key phrase returns a link to the opt in page where they’ll be required to enter their name, mobile number and email.

Takeout SMS Text Phrase
Takeout Opt In


Opt In Page

Your Customer Monetization Plus Method includes an opt in page that we customize and host for you. This opt in page is the gate through which the interested person must pass to receive your “irresistible offer”. The page is optimized for desktop and mobile.

The opt in page is designed to be consistent with the flyer and your company branding. Optionally, you can request or require name, email and mobile number on the form submission


Coupon Delivery

Upon submitting the opt in form, the customer is sent an email and/or SMS text with simple instructions on how to redeem the coupon.

They’ll click the link provided and that link will do one of two things: (1) validate them with a date and time stamp for the cashier to see or (2) send them to a page that shows the offer (with or without a countdown timer).

Takeout Coupon Delivery
Takeout Coupon Redemption


Offer Redemption Validation

If you select the “offer redemption validation” option, the customer will receive an email and/or text message that includes a link.

Clicking the link triggers a date and time stamp message that they’ll show to the cashier.

To validate the message, the cashier simply needs to recognize the date and approximate time stamped in the message the customer shows on their phone..

If the link is clicked anytime thereafter, the system generates a “declined” notification, informing the customer that the coupon has already been redeemed.

Takeout Non Validation Redemption

STEP 5a:

Offer Redemption Alternative

If you prefer not to validate the redemption of each coupon, upon submission of the form, the visitor can be redirected to an “Offer Redemption” thank you page. This is the one page that virtually 100% of all visitors will see after they opt in.

This page should include a count down timer (making it a limited time offer that the visitor won’t see again).


Short Term Follow Up

Follow up continues for you, automatically. Our short-term follow up includes a mix of 3 to 6 emails and SMS text messages over a ten to fourteen day period.

These messages include new special offers, review requests and short personalized messages.

The follow up message content includes community information, tips, humor, suggestions and cash surge generating “irresistible offers. Once a recipient takes an action, they’re removed from the remainder of short-term follow up automatically.

Takeout Short Term Follow Up
Customer Monetization Long Term Follow Up


Long Term Follow Up

Long term follow up communication is designed to keep your business in front of your customers. It includes community information, tips, humor, suggestions and cash surge generating “irresistible offers.


Customers On Demand

The most valuable aspect of The Customer Monetization Plus Method is that it enables you to generate “Customers On Demand”.


Let’s say you’re having a slow week or slow night?

All you need to do is send us a text and within minutes we can send your offer to hundreds of your existing customers.

Can you do that right now?

Powerful. Fast. Cashflow.

Customer Monetization Core Method
Dormant Customer Reactivation new


Dormant Customer Reactivation

You’ve already won over your customers, you just need to reconnect with them and “remind them to come back”.

We implement a proven email and SMS campaign that reawakens your dormant customer relationships and gets them doing business with you again. Many will thank you for reaching out and reconnecting with them

STEP 10:

Existing Customer Campaigns

Our Customer Monetization Plus Method focuses on presenting “irresistible offers” to your new and existing customers when they’re at your location, then following up with them to get them to keep coming back.

There’s also a base of customers, clients or patients that aren’t routinely at your office, practice or place of business.

Upgrading to the “Plus” method enables you to reach these customers. These customers are ones you wouldn’t consider “dormant”. For whatever reason, they just haven’t been in to see you in a while.

We’ll help change that.

Together, our team works with yours to create fresh offers that, based upon their prior history, are more likely to resonate with them and lead them to purchasing.

Existing Customer Campaigns new
Takeout Review Requests

STEP 11:

Online Review Requests

Obtaining a consistent flow of new reviews is very important.
Consumers make decisions about contacting a business based upon recent reviews, not older ones. Reviews older than 3 months aren’t seen as relevant.

The Customer Monetization Plus Method includes “Review Requests” as part of the initial and ongoing communication.

STEP 12:

Review Response

Let us do the heavy-lifting for you and ensure that all of your Google My Business (Google Business Profile (GBP)) reviews are responded to within minutes via integrated the GBP message feature. Our expertly crafted, auto-responses minimize the impact of negative comments and ensure that happy customers tell their friends.

If you prefer, we’ll assign your own professionally-trained, US-based responder with prior experience responding in your industry. After studying your brand’s unique voice, your responder will begin crafting the best google review responses to each and every review. (This is an optional upgrade.)

Review Platform

STEP 13:

Online Review Marketing & Management

Each review provides your business with free feedback and an opportunity to improve. But sifting through each review can be a time-consuming process. Instead, keep tabs on your progress with daily, weekly, or monthly reports. You customize which reports you’d like to receive and we will deliver them to your inbox at your preferred time.

The Review Management Platform is connected to more than 60 different review sites, social media platforms and local directories. You can connect as many of your accounts as you like and respond to all reviews from within the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click one of the links below . . .

The Customer Monetization Method is built upon a templated automation method that’s tailored to each business.

The customization process includes:

  • – offer Creation
  • – Opt in Pages
  • – Offer Delivery
  • – Ongoing Customer Communication

The Customer Monetization Method includes:

  • – Customized Offers
  • – Customized Opt In Page (hosting included)
  • – Customized Thank You Page (hosting included)
  • – Email follow up
  • – SMS follow up

The Customer Monetization Method has the service levels: LITE, CORE and PREMIUM. Each is available on a month-to-month no contract, cancel at any time basis. See the Pricing Table and service description page for pricing and details.

The Customer Monetization Method is a month-to-month service, there’s no contract, cancel at any time.

To cancel send an email to 24 hrs prior to your monthly renewal date.

The Customer Monetization Method comes with a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I Pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

No. There’s no Free Trial, but we offer a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, you can change your offer as often as once per week.

Your customized method will be available to you within 2 business days of your profile completion (that provides us with your preferred contact information, branding and offer).

Yes, we strongly suggest you do. We’ll be happy to provide social posts for you to promote your offers on all of your social profiles.

To reach us with any questions about the Customer Monetization Method or any of our other services, you can call 866.723.2522 or reach us by email at

Experience The Customer Monetization Plus Method

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How Do I Get Started?

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Step 1:

Sign up for our Customer Monetization PLUS Method by clicking the “Get Started” button.

Step 2:

We’ll gather your contact information and create a custom branded account for you on our web-based platform.

Step 3:

We’ll deliver your Customer Monetization PLUS Method and help you implement it in your business and online.

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